for participation in the PSAT 8/9 match (ReadiStep)

PHS ALGORITHAM organizes a competition in English and Mathematics (PSAT 8/9 – International English Language and Mathematics Exam).

All students from the eighth and ninth grades have the right to participate.

Students who will demonstrate a particular success in the competition gain the opportunity to receive a SCHOLARSHIP for studying in PHS ALGORITHAM, as well as taking the PSAT 8/9 – an internationally recognized exam and obtaining a valid certificate for the same. The acquired certificate can serve the students for obtaining scholarships for higher education outside the country.

Benefits for the teachers:

PHS ALGORITHAM will provide teaching materials for each teacher, as well as international evaluation standards for subjects in English and Mathematics.

Each teacher will receive a certificate of mentoring of students.

Place of the contest:


  1. “Dame Gruev” no. 16th, 6th floor, BC Paloma Bianca, Skopje

Deadline for registration of the competition: March 6, 2020

How to apply: Electronically through the English language and Math mentors, by submitting the following data: Name and surname of the student, address, contact telephone number, school, grade and mentor’s name and surname.

Readistep Coordinator

prof. Pavlina Buchevska

tel: 3116-750  /  076-339-428