Private High School Algoritam has become an official, licensed Microsoft Training Center for all Certiport, Inc. courses. Students at the PHS Algoritam now have a special opportunity to receive the Microsoft Office Specialist – MOS certificate for a promotional price of only 700 den.
The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate is the world’s leading IT information certificate. More than 1 million MOS exams take place each year in more than 140 countries around the world.
The certificate confirms that the candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use Microsoft Office. MOS allows you to gain knowledge about the features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in increased levels of individual performance, trust and differentiation.
At the academy, MOS promotes success in lectures for students (and instructors), builds an individual distinction, and prepares students to be more competitive workforce in the labor market. In the business sector, MOS drastically increases productivity in the office and the efficiency of the organization, increases employee satisfaction and career achievement.

Why to get Certificate?

In the world of IT professionals, a certificate is a document that proves the knowledge and skills they possess. The IT Certificate is obtained by passing an exam at one of the authorized testing centers in accordance with the authorization of the software manufacturer, hardware, equipment, or other standardization bodies and organizations. Due to the rapid development of technology, a diploma or certificate is no longer sufficient in itself. Therefore in the last five years in collaboration with Microsoft, PHS Algoritam has already included in its curriculum a compulsory student certification system for computer use, in order to assist the students in perhaps the most difficult step to obtain a certificate,