College Board is an organization established in 1900 by 12 universities and colleges in order to expand access to higher education. Today, College Board is an international organization that strives for better and more accessible education for all students. PHS “ Algoritam”  Center is one of the 23,000 high schools that are members of this international organization that seeks to improve the access and preparation of students to 6,000 colleges and universities that are members of this organization. The main priority of the College Board are the students, their success in the educational process and their inclusion in the higher education system.

Every journey begins by tracing the path to the goal. The goal and mission of the PHS “Algoritam” Center is to provide high school students access to modern, internationally recognized educational programs that inspire quality, offer recognized certificates, deepen cultural awareness and global understanding.

The College Board Committees and program departments are responsible for implementing, checking and authorizing curricula that will be implemented in schools, as well as for preparing, delivering and checking standardized tests for the same programs. Computer checking of the correct answers is a tool with which the right to equality for all is guaranteed in advance.

College Board programs are numerous and contemporary, and some of them will be available in our school. If you are interested in research, look at the following brochure and get to know the possibility of success.

A quick guide to the College Board’s programs and services (PDF 1.5MB)

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