PHS “ALGORITAM” announces:


 for making a short film


All primary school students in the Republic of Macedonia have the right to participate


Application rules:

  • Participants of the festival can participate in films in any genre;
  • The theme of the festival is “Pollution – a silent killer of our future”;
  • The produced short film can have one (1) author; – Films can be recorded with a video camera, mobile phone or camera;
  • Each author can send up to two (2) films;
  • The recorded material should be original, not to violate the principles of copyright and not to call for violence and intolerance;
  • The films should not last more than 7 minutes

Deadline for applications :  March 11. 2019

 The produced short film should be submitted to PHS “Algoritam” on CD/DVD/USB containing the following data:

  • Film title
  • Author’s name and surname
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • School
  • Age/grade
  • Mentor’s name and surname.

St. “Dame Gruev” no. 16, BC Paloma Bianca, 6th floor

1000 Skopje

With a note :  Cinemafest Algoritam 2019

All received short films will be available on the website of the PHS “Algorithm” .

The best short films will be rewarded, and the awards will be solemnly awarded in the premises of the PHS “Algoritam”.

For further information, please contact us at (02) 3116-750 or 078/339-257.


Contact person:

 Gorjan Nikolovski